• Eligible students will be evaluated by the Belmont Ridge Middle School Faculty Council.  Students will be evaluated based on their academic performance, service, leadership, character and citizenship.  

     Eligible students will be sent an invitation to apply after the completion of the 2nd quarter.

    Criteria for membership include:

    • Earn and Maintain an all A honor roll    -  You must have an A-, A or A+ in all classes, including electives and PE in order to be eligible to apply.    


    • Complete a minimum of 10 hours of community service -

                       Community service has to be completed at a community organization or eligible school based activities.  Any activity performed for pay or school credit will not be eligible for community service. The places where a student volunteers does not have to be a formal program, but please Remember that activities like babysitting (paid or unpaid), pet walking (paid or unpaid), chores around the house (paid or unpaid) are not considered Service hours. Hours for NJHS will not be accepted if you were paid for working or if you received class credit.


    Community service performed after June 15th, 2020 can be counted towards the 10 service hours requirement.  If you volunteered during the summer, please fill out the service hours form and get a signature from the organization where you volunteered.

     Please check the service tab for volunteer opportunities throughout the year.  


    • Show leadership and positive behavior qualities in the classroom as well as in the community 


    Student applications will be due by March 15th and service hours will be due by May 31st, 2021