Hey Catoctin Family!!! We are motivated and dedicated in Physical Education. This year we will cover a lot of great things with your wonderful students. In these coming weeks, we will be going over Rules and Expectations, Safety, Soccer, SNAG Golf, Cooperative Activities, and Fitness Assessment, etc. We also will continue incorporating muscles, nutrition, and the pacer/pacing in our curriculum. Once again, we are very excited and enthused about Physical Education.


    We in the PE department feel humbled and honored to have the jobs we have. We love working with the students. We hope that they will bring some of the activities and knowledge of healthy practices home with them. If you have any questions/concerns or are interested in helping out at Field Day feel free to call or email. As always, thank you for all of your support, time, and effort. It is always appreciated!



    • Please wear correct shoes when you come to PE!!
    • Make sure students take their jacket when they leave PE!!
    • Please email us with any interest in volunteering for field day.


    Will Shepard & Jeremy Tipton

    Physical Education Teachers

    Catoctin Cardinals