All visitors to Loudoun County High School have to enter through the main entrance at door A1.  Visitor procedures are displayed and require each visitor to present a valid photo ID and state the reason for their visit before entry.  Once entry has been granted, all visitors must report to the main office where their ID will be scanned through a visitor management system and checked against the Virginia State Sex Offender Registry.  All visitors are required to wear their visitor badge visibly, so they are easily identified as having permission to be in the building. When the visit is over, all visitors have to report back to the main office to sign out and return their visitor badge.  


    *Visitors to the NJROTC building have to follow the same procedures.





    Visitor parking is available on either side of Loudoun County High School.  Visitors are asked to only park in visitor parking and refrain from parking in numbered spots or staff spots. Handicap parking is also available on either side of the building as well as near the athletic entrance.


    *Parking is available only for those with school business and is otherwise prohibited on this campus.