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    DMV Math Tournament

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     RLC PTO will be hosting DMV Math Tournament for 4th and 5th grade students across DC/MD/VA states.

     Tournament Date & Time: Saturday, April 18, 2020; 9:00am – 3:30pm
     Tournament Location: Rosa Lee Carter Elementary School, 43330 Loudoun Reserve Dr, Ashburn, VA 20148

     Who can participate?

    • Teams of 1 to 5 students from 4th and 5th grades
    • Students attending a public or private school, as well as home schooled students are eligible to participate
    • A team can comprise of students from different schools

    Tournament Format:
    DMV Math Tournament includes three rounds and an award ceremony

    • Individual Round: Each student works alone on 10 timed short-answer problems
    • Team Round: All team members work cooperatively on another set of 10 timed short-answer problems
    • Playoff Round: Upto five additional problems with time constraints to break ties for awards.

    Tournament Awards:

    • Certificates will be awarded to all participants of the tournament
    • Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 winning teams and top 3 individuals at each grade level (4th and 5th)

    DMV Math Tournament uses the Math Olympiad program designed by MOEMs. The Math Olympiad program provides two complete sets of previous years’ tournament problems for practice. RLC PTO Math Coordinator will distribute these materials as soon as they are received. The Math Olympiad program plans to mail the problems for previous two years' around mid-January 2020.

    Sample problems:

    1. What is the least positive integer that is divisible by each of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6?
    2. In the square shown, the length of the diagonal is 6 cm. What is the area of the square, in square centimeters?

              DMV Square  

    Note: No calculators are allowed for any round

    Additional links: 
    http://www.moems.org/Sample Tourney 2008.pdf

    Additional materials can be accessed on the Math Olympiad website www.moems.org or by purchasing Math Olympiad books.

    Tournament Price:
    Team Registration - each team must have a Coach

    • Early Bird Registration: $150 per team if registration received by February 23, 2020
    • Regular Registration: $175 per team if registration received by March 22, 2020
    • Late Registration: $200 per team if registration received between March 23, 2020 to April 05, 2020

    Team Formation and Registration Info:
    You may register prior to identifying all 5 team members. You can add/update team members until April 05, 2020. The team could be formed with mixed grade students of 4th and 5th grades but the team would be recognized according to the higher-grade student in the team. For example, if a team has even one student from 5th grade, the team would be considered as a 5th grade team and would fall under 5th grade team category.

    Please note the registration fee is non-refundable.

    Please note that the you can edit your responses once you have submitted the form. Once you submit this google form, in the email confirmation you receive, there is an option to edit the form and data you submit. You are able to edit multiple times if need be. We will update the RLC PTO DMV Tournament website with details on deadlines when the edit option will no longer be available.

    This year, RLC PTO will provide DMV Math Tournament T-shirts. Please provide the T-shirt size information while filling out the form. We will update the RLC PTO DMV Tournament website with details on deadlines when the T-shirt sizes may no longer be edited.

    In the case of a conflict, DMV Tournament Director's decision is final.

    Coach Expectations: 

    • Be a source of contact between the RLC PTO Math Coordinator and the DMV Math Tournament team
    • Prior to the DMV Math Tournament, meet with students around 6-8 hours over 6-8 sessions to practice problems. Practice tests will be provided in mid-January, 2020 by RLC PTO Math Coordinator
    • Work with team members to develop a strategy for the team round
    • The Individual round involves each team member solving 10 problems in 30 minutes. Each team member will receive individual answer sheet.
    • The Team round involves the combined team solving 10 problems in 20 minutes. Each team member will receive a copy of the 10 problems to solve. Only 1 answer sheet will be provided.
    • Problems increase in difficulty from first problem to last problem
    • Provide a positive, encouraging philosophy with students to promote excitement about Math and work through challenges
    • Compile and maintain an emergency contact list for the students in the team in case of emergency
    • Work with team parents for disseminating information from the RLC PTO Math Coordinator (ex: arrival time, check-in, lunch plans, etc)
    • Stay with students during the Tournament to act as mentor and chaperone.
    • It is recommended that coaches bring a bag (eg backpack, briefcase, etc) to store lunch, extra pencils, scratch paper, completed problems and solutions, etc. 
    • On the Tournament day, Coaches will proctor another team during the Individual and Team Rounds. Additional volunteer activities may include: assisting students with name tags, providing extra pencils & paper; leading students to Team table, supervision during break, lunch, finding restrooms, clearing team table area (scratch paper, problems & solutions) between rounds, addressing behavior issues, asking questions to the Tournament Director, staying with students until parent pick-up, etc.


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Can my child buy a lunch? 
    As we get closer to the Tournament date, RLC PTO Math Coordinator will work with coaches on lunch availability. It is likely that students will have the option to bring their lunch or purchase pizza. Details to be finalized in the beginning of March.

    Do all students have to be from the same school? 

    Can I register without having identified all 5 students on the team? 

    Can I add/update registration information including students information? 
    Yes. (You can submit additions/updates until April 05, 2020.)

    Can my team have fewer than 5 students?
    Yes, however, the team will be at a disadvantage in the Team Round. In the Team Round, each team will strive to solve 10 problems in 20 minutes. Problems increase in difficulty from first to last. Many problems take 3-5 minutes to solve. Having 5 students in a team typically helps. The overall winners are decided based on adding Individual Round scores and Team Round score for the Team.

    If you need to substitute a team member due to illness (with doctor note) after April 05, 2020, then please contact the RLC PTO Math Coordinator about the substitution procedure.

    I don’t have a team but would like my child to participate. Do you have suggestions? 
    Yes! Contact your student’s classroom teacher and see if s/he has other students who may join your child to form a team.

    My child is good at math but I can’t help solve the problems. Do you have suggestions? 
    Yes! The example problems come with solutions. As you work through the problems, you will get better at solving them. Work together with your child or ask friends or neighbors if they can help.

    What is the timing of the Tournament Schedule?
    Team check-in will start at 9:00am and a detailed Hourly schedule will be provided by April 06, 2020.

Last Modified on February 12, 2020