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Access SOL online practice - This link will take you to short reading passages with multiple choice questions that are scored online.   There are practices here for both the Writing SOL test and the RLR SOL test.  There is also a link to high school hub, which has many excellent links resources for English.

SOL Writing – grade 11

  • Online grammar practice


  • Proofreading Skills (You must print out the selection and underline the errors.  Then go back to the site to check your answers.)


  • Grammar Skills

Grammar Skills - Rules

Grammar Skills – Online Quizzes

Grammar Skills – Online Test

Grammar Quiz (avoid the ones that have you name the function – those types of questions are NOT on the SOL test) 

Grammar – Sentence Combining

  • Practice Online Test for Writing



SOL Reading, Literature, and Research – grade 11



  • Short Story Elements



  • Practice Online Test for RLR





Links to EOC Virginia tests





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