The Office of Instructional Technology works to maximize the impact of technology on deeper learning.
    Michael Henrickson, Supervisor - 571-252-1593
    Heather Hurley, Instructional Software Specialist - 571-252-1587
    Craig Spraggins, Instructional Technology Specialist - 571-252-6511
    Joshua Thom, Instructional Technology Facilitation Specialist - 571-252-1809 
    Instructional Technology provides support to district initiatives that improve teaching and learning through the meaningful integration of instructional technologies.  The Instructional Technology Team, along with the Instructional Facilitators of Technology (IFTs) in each school, provides professional development to ensure that teachers have the knowledge and skills necessary to maximize the impact of technology for deeper learning.
  • Contact Instructional Technology
  • Instructional Facilitators for Technology

    Instructional Facilitators of Technology (IFT's) provide job-embedded and just-in-time professional learning to help teachers use technology to innovate instructional practices.   

  • Student Technology in LCPS

    Loudoun County Public Schools is connecting our students with the world by providing Chromebook laptops to students in Grades 3-12. Over the next three school years, LCPS will deploy nearly 64,000 Chromebooks to ensure that students have access to the information, tools, and resources they need to make meaningful contributions to the world.

  • Inspire Loudoun

    Inspire Loudoun is a teacher-run, professional learning day where Loudoun County Public School teachers come together to share best practices in teaching with technology. For eight years, this conference has hosted over 800 teachers. In a single, non-contract day, educators exchange ideas on collaborative practices, flipped classrooms, personalized and project-based learning, and much more. 

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Since the release of ChatGPT, there has been a lot of conversation about the role of Generative AI in education. Loudoun County Public Schools has been exploring opportunities and challenges associated with Generative AI, and we’ve built this site to share more information with teachers, students, and the community.

Last Modified on October 27, 2023