Career & Technical Education course is any state approved

    course, grades 9-12, including Business, Family and Consumer Science,

    Health Occupations,Marketing,Trade and Industrial, and

    Technology Education.




    Certain programs within Career and Technical Education

    provide students with an opportunity for professional licensure or

    certification that can also count as a “student choice”verified

    credit toward those required for graduation.

    To obtain the credit, the student must successfully complete

    the course sequence that prepares individuals for state licensure

    or certification and pass the test required by the certifying agency.

    Such licenses and certifications give students a competitive

    edge in the workplace, offer better opportunities for earning

    money for college expenses,may provide increased options in

    military service, and help to define career pathways.

    Information about substitute tests is available from the counselors

    or by going to www.doe.virginia.gov and clicking on “Graduation

    Requirements,” then “Substitute Tests for Verified Credit.”



    Students may take advantage of a program that allows them

    to meet the requirements for high school graduation while

    simultaneously earning college credits. In all cases, students must

    receive prior written approval by the participating high school

    and the college for particular courses to be taken.

    Program of Studies

Last Modified on August 13, 2019