• The Inaugural Wendall T. Fisher Award




    Wendall T. Fisher began working as a substitute teacher for Loudoun County Public Schools in 1989, thereafter becoming an in-school restriction teacher.  The Loudoun Tribune reports that “[i]t was in this role that he began holding student forums, where students had the opportunity to speak in a social setting and do so respectfully.  Fisher then spent two years as a counselor at a youth shelter helping children in distress before becoming the Outreach Director for the YMCA. Former LCPS Superintendent Dr. Edgar B. Hatrick III invited Fisher back into the schools to conduct student forums once a month. Fisher estimates that he interacted with 100,000 students during the years that he made these visits to LCPS middle and high schools.  Fisher’s involvement with the schools led him to run for the Loudoun County School Board in 1995.  He served four years as the at-large representative.” In 2007, Fisher joined LCPS in his final role as the Outreach Program Supervisor, from which he retired in 2018.


    It was in this role that Mr. Fisher served as a liaison to the Minority Student Achievement Advisory Committee (MSAAC).  MSAAC is dedicated to working in partnership with LCPS, parents and community members to further the academic, social, and cultural development of every student, and to ensure that the needs of all students are met.


    Criteria for the Award


    The recipient of the Wendall T. Fisher award shall be an LCPS Faculty or Staff member whose actions result in a measurable benefit in furtherance of MSAAC’s mission including such actions as:


    • initiating or leading an effort that results in improvement for minority individuals or groups
    • applying for or obtaining grants for programs that benefit students in need
    • conducting training and professional development activities for staff and  teachers relative to the MSAAC’s mission
    • creating opportunities for students to guide the work of the organization
    • conducting or publishing research related to minority student achievement
    • enabling families to access LCPS-related information and resources readily
    • promoting inclusivity
    • redressing inequity
    • supporting multiculturalism
    • using English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) staff members to promote communication to underrepresented students
    • engaging students and families
    • developing personal relationships with students and families
    • supporting programs that provide food and/or supplies to needy families


    Nomination/Application Process


    Click here for the Inaugural Wendall T. Fisher Award nomination/application form.   


    The MSAAC Executive Board will choose three finalists for the award, after which the Gala Committee will select the recipient.


    Deadline: January 10, 2019

Last Modified on October 17, 2018