Time Management

    • Learn to make the most efficient use of you time
    • Use SMART goals to keep you on task
    • Include down time in your schedule
    • College placement test preparation
    • Take the PSAT to help prepare you for the SAT




    • Keep up your grades - colleges look at your grade point average (GPA)
    • Review your four-year academic plan with your counselor (during course advising)
    • Plan a junior year course schedule that challenges you but does not overwhelm you
    • Create your four-year academic plan with your counselor
      • enroll in Honors, Advanced Placement, or Dual Enrollment courses which could earn you college credit

    Extracurricular Activities

    • Join a club or try out for a sports team. Dedication and leadership in an activity is more important than multiple activities
    • Volunteer for something you find important
    • Explore summer opportunities - be mindful of application deadlines

    Career Exploration

    • Seek summer opportunities to work or volunteer in your field of interest
    • Take an interest inventory - it expands your ideas for careers you may enjoy
      • Career Interest Inventory in Naviance under "About Me"
      • https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/explore-careers
    • Have conversations with counselors, teachers, family and community members about their career paths and what they studied in college

    College Search

    • Visit campuses - think about size, location, cost, and campus programs
    • Attend local college fairs in your area
      • Fall - LCPS College Fair
      • Fall - NACAC College Fair (www.nacacfairs.org/attend/national-college-fairs)
      • Spring - GMU College Fair
    • Try online college fairs and virtual campus tours
    • Use Naviance to research colleges and add them to your "Colleges I'm Interested In" tab


    SUMMER - Don't waste it!

    Summer Opportunities

    • Create a summer reading list from teacher recommendations
    • Confirm your summer plans (work, academic enrichment programs, summer workshops, service learning, travel, camps, internships, campus tours)

    Money Management