• The Impact  

    Mission Statement:

    The Impact is committed to building good relationships, developed trust, creating positive attitudes, and life skills in an environment safe for youth through mentoring and social connections.


    I am the FUTURE and no one can CHANGE that!


    Our Values:

    To create an IMPACTFUL environment to bring out the best in kids

    To mentor kids to be the best in whatever they do with a positive attitude

    To educate kids to be transformational with sensitivity, compassion, and love

    To create a positive environment full of love, kindness, respect, and good behavior to all


    Our Vision:

    To empower kids to see themselves as the change for the world and to value themselves to be bold in their pursue and advocacy.

    To be an ongoing resource for youth up to high school level; to create an inspiring environment that bring about positive change, leadership and character development, while demonstrating best practice