• Rock Ridge Writing Center


    -What is a writing center?

    We are a place where highly-skilled and specially-trained student tutors conference with their peers on various assignments with the goal of helping them become better writers.


    -Where is the writing center? When is it open?

    Located in room 1605, we’re open every day during lunch. (All 4 lunches. A and B days.)


    -Who is the writing center for?

    We open our doors to all students. Whether you're brainstorming ideas or revising a finished draft, we are here to meet your needs throughout any stage of the writing process!


    -How can I use the writing center?

    First, get a pass before lunch from room 1605.

    Then, get your lunch and bring it to room 1605.

    Finally, eat your lunch while working with a tutor! We will write you a pass back to lunch/class.


    -How can I request a tutor during study hall?

     Complete this Request a Tutor during Study Hall Google form.


    Check out our website!

Last Modified on September 25, 2018