Literacy At Home

  • At Park View, we believe that a student's education doesn't begin and end with the school day. You can support your teen's reading habits in a number of ways!

    1. Encourage your student to read for 20 minutes a day, every day. Research shows that the best way to increase literacy skills is simply to read! 

    Why read 20 minutes at home?

    Porque nesecito leer por 20 minutos cada noche?

    2. Read as a family. Children and teenagers who grow up in a family that values reading are much more likely to enjoy reading! Enjoyment leads to success!

    3. Visit the Sterling Library! They have great books, and so much more! 

    Highlights of the Sterling Library


    Expanded collections of books and materials for all ages, including enhanced ESOL and Spanish-language materials
    Larger, dedicated Children’s, Teen and Adult areas
    Group Study Rooms
    Meeting space for community groups
    Computer areas
    Lounge Seating
    Laptop area
    Power outlets and WiFi throughout
    Programs, classes and events for all ages

    Get a public library card today!

Last Modified on September 18, 2018