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Lexiles and Scholastic Reading Inventory

  • Park View students participate in the Scholastic Reading Inventory at the beginning, middle, and end of the school year. 

    The Reading Inventory is a low-stakes, classroom-based assessment designed to evaluate students’ reading ability, monitor their reading progress, and match students to books at their reading level.

    The Reading Inventory is taken on a computer and lasts about 20 minutes. The types of questions a student receives and the results that are reported are based upon the student’s grade level and reading level.

    The results of The Reading Inventory assessments are used in a number of ways. First, a student’s score on the test is used to determine the student’s reading ability compared to grade-level performance standards. These determinations can help tailor appropriate reading instruction and set goals. The results of subsequent The Reading Inventory tests are then used to monitor progress over time. Student results are also used to match students to texts at their reading level, which helps to make reading rewarding, constructive, and enjoyable.

    For students who are enrolled in System 44 or Read 180 as part of their educational plan, The Reading Inventory is necessary to show growth and progress within the program. Reading teachers also use the Reading Inventory results to estimate beginning levels for LLI. 


    Parent Resources: 

    1. Lexile Guide for Parents (External Site)
    2. Lexile Informacion en Espanol
    3. Lexile Framework Video
    4. Parent Report - You may request a personalized report from your student's English teacher. (Informe para padres: puede solicitar un informe personalizado al maestro de inglés de su hijo)
    5. Lexile Map (English)
    6. Lexile Mapa (Espanol)

    Teacher Resources:

    1. Reading Inventory Slideshow for Students
    2. Lexile Chart CCR


Last Modified on January 6, 2020