• What are my responsibilities as a Parent?  

    I CAN help!

    I CANNOT help!

    (Well…… which is it???) 

    BOTH! You may do many things to help the team, but there are also things you might want to do that would cost the team penalty points. So... how do you know the difference? Here is your own handy, dandy, just-for-parents guidelines!



    Transport the team to buy things

    Transport the props

    Teach the team members a skill IF the team asks, such as:







         Principles of simple machines



    Help provide snacks

    Help get props into the building for the tournament, even to the staging area

    Bring spontaneous problem supplies

    Open attics, closets, basements for “garage sale value” materials

    Provide lots of encouragement

    Provide a place to meet/store props

    Get everyone and everything to the tournament

    Applaud A LOT and help get props offstage afterwards



         Suggest what to buy

         Repair props if broken in shipping

         Suggest to the team which skills to use to solve a problem

         Give the teams any ideas for their problem solution

         Sew anything, paint anything, do anything to contribute to the team’s problem solution


    As you can tell, parents ARE important, as resources for learning skills, helping get materials, providing moral support, supplementing working brains with nourishment, and generally facilitating the logistics of a working team. Without your encouragement, your child will not develop the self confidence that Odyssey of the Mind promotes.


    Through the months of preparation: This year we would like to do things a little different at Lucketts. In the past, the head coach and assistant coach have basically been in charge through the whole process, but since this is a team competition and not a drop-off after school activity, we are asking that EVERY PARENT help and take on a responsibility to help the team prepare for competition. Every parent will have the opportunity to volunteer their time in some way, such as assistant coach, script practice coach, spontaneous coach, prop coordinator, costume coach, snack friend, team building coach, and/or volunteer or judge on tournament day (see below). The kids will benefit tremendously from seeing their parents work together as a team of support for them through this experience. Thank you in advance for your time. 


    WE NEED YOUR HELP on Tournament Day to:

    • Be an official (This involves a training on one Saturday, usually in February, to learn to be a judge.)
    • Be a volunteer (Each team must provide a volunteer to work at registration, concessions or in the spontaneous holding area for approximately two hours on Tournament Day.)