• Choir Uniform Cleaning and Return Instructions 2018/19:

    1. Dresses may not be altered in any way – except to move the hem up or down. When hemming, no fabric may be cut off the dress.  Fabric must be folded under.  This is to allow for the next student to let the hem down if needed. The hem of the dress must not touch the floor.\
    2. Store the uniform on a hanger in a dry location.


    1. All Choir uniforms (this includes all dresses, show choir men’s t-shirts, tuxedo jackets and tuxedo shirts) must be professionally dry cleaned before they are returned to Ms. Phillips. Bow ties do not need to be cleaned.


    ***Do not EVER put these uniforms in the washer or dryer.***


    1. All Uniforms are to be returned in the plastic dry cleaning bag with the dry cleaning receipt attached at the end of the school year.


    1. If you are financially unable to afford to dry clean the uniform, please contact Ms. Phillips at 571-434-3216. We will help to pay for the cleaning.



    ***Any uniform not returned will be recorded on the student’s school record as a deficiency and handled in the same way as a missing text book or library book.  The student will be charged for the value of the non-returned item.***

Last Modified on September 11, 2018