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    Lucketts loot is an incentive given by staff to students for reinforcing the matrix by showing respect and responsibility in all areas at school. When a student receives Lucketts Loot they have a grade level system to keep track of how they earn their loot points such as class dojo or tally marks.  The students are then given a check with their loot amount earned at the end of every week to use as money for classroom and individual incentives. 


    Loot Bank: Two days a week at lunch students are able to cash in their loot checks to SPEND, SAVE, or DONATE their loot. They can SAVE their amount on their checks and use it at another time. They can SPEND their loot on a individual or class incentive from their grade level menu. Students can also DONATE their loot and donate a bag worth $10 of non-perishable food items to the Lucketts Food bank. The Girl Scout troop ran by Mrs. Heykoop applied for a Ruritan Grant to pay for the food and will be bagging and taking the food DONATED by our Lucketts students to the Lucketts food bank for us. If a student donates their name will be written on a food bag cut out that will be put up on the cafeteria wall in their honor.