Who are we?

    Stone Bridge High School Parent-Teacher-Student Organization (SBHS PTSO), a 501 (3)(c), is the supportive arm of the SBHS Administration.  It is made up of volunteers from the SBHS community.  Members of the board are voted in by the SBHS community.

    What does the PTSO do?

    • Support the Teachers - We support the teachers by letting them know they are appreciated with programs like the holiday deserts, back to school breakfast, Valentines Day treats, Teacher appreciation week luncheon.  We fund teacher needs and projects throughout the year that don't get funding otherwise.


    • Support the Students - We meet regularly with School Staff to represent their needs of students and parents to advocate for them.  We coordinate and support events for the students including an Orientation Picnic for students, All Night Grad Party, the Senior Picnic, and Ethics Day breakfast.  PTSO funds are also used for supporting academic pursuits - as in contributing money to purchase class sets of Chromebooks and charging carts as well as providing scholarships for graduating seniors. We have also contributed to upgrades in the library as well as helped fund the digital sign in front of the school


    • Support the Parents - We support the parents by providing a forum in our Monthly meetings to collaborate with School staff and air concerns, encouragements, needs, and appreciation.  We host special speakers to communicate information to the parents.


    How do we fund our programs?

    100% of the funds we raise through dues and fundraisers are returned to the students and staff in programs approved and voted on by the board.  We attain these funds through fundraisers like the Fall/Spring Bazaar, T-Shirt sales, other fundraisers as needs arise as well as fundraiser dues.

    How do I get involved?

    The PTSO is available to support all groups in the school either with funds or with volunteers. We have a strong volunteer corps which supports the staff and students. Please join us so that we can provide funding, volunteers, and support to as many organizations throughout the school as we can reach.
    Join the PTSO today and help us make a difference.  The PTSO is open to any parent of a Stone Bridge student or any member of the SBHS staff or administration