Foreign Language Study Skills

    1. READING AND LITERATURE: Read and respond to literature and other writings representative of Spanish Speaking societies.
    2. Apply reading strategies to improve understanding of Spanish printed text 
    3. Recognize, analyze, and evaluate literary elements and techniques used to convey meaning
    4. Read, interpret, and critically analyze literary and non-literary materials from Spanish-speaking countries and communities
    5. Read in Spanish for a variety of purposes


    1. WRITING: Write to communicate effectively in Spanish.
    2. Produce written text in Spanish to communicate with different audiences for a variety of purposes
    3. Plan, compose, edit, and present clear and effective writing in Spanish


    1. ORAL LANGUAGE: Listen and speak effectively in Spanish in a variety of situations.
    2. Listen effectively in formal and informal situations
    3. Orally communicate information, opinions, and ideas using language appropriate to the situation, purpose, and audience


    1. LANGUAGE USE AND STRUCTURE: Apply knowledge of the function and structure of the Spanish language to communicate effectively.
    2. Use correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization
    3. Recognize and use appropriate language form and style to communicate with different audiences, for different purposes, and in different settings