• Fifth Grade – First Quarter Plans


    --The quarter will focus on problem solving (whole number operations), single and multistep practical problems using whole number operations, prime/composite, even/odd, variables, expressions, and equations, perimeter and area, Distributive Property, order of operations, and relationships in numerical and geometric patterns. (SOL 5.4, 5.3, 5.18, 5.8a, 5.19, 5.7, 5.17)

    Language Arts

    --Students will be introduced to the Reading and Writing Workshops. We will work on personal narratives in writing and begin to analyze characters in our reading unit: Following Character into Meaning. We will learn skills such as envisioning, predicting, synthesizing, inferring, as well as communication. (SOL 5.1 a & d, 5.4 a, e, f, g, 5.5 a, g, h, k, m, 5.6 b, d, e, k, m 5.7 a, b, d, I, 5.8 b, j)


    --Students will learn about the scientific process which includes making predictions, collecting data, and drawing inferences &conclusions, in addition to identifying independent and dependent variables, and constants in experiments. Light, and Sound will be the focus of study this quarter as students investigate reflection, refraction, speed of light, visible spectrum, wavelength/amplitude, pitch/frequency, absorption, and speed through mediums. (SOL 5.2, 5.3) Social Studies Students will begin with an overview of U.S. regions including map & globe skills, and they will begin study of the Northeast region of the United States. (SOL I.1-I.8, II.1-III.10, III.1-III.8)

    Health The D.A.R.E. program (Drug Abuse Resistance Education program administered in conjunction with the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office) will begin in the beginning of October, continuing every other week until the end of May. Computer/Technology Students will demonstrate a basic understanding of technology vocabulary, keyboarding skills, and selection of technology that is appropriate for many tasks. They will continue to improve their math skills through the i-Ready and Reflex programs.