• Rock Ridge PEER 2018-2019



    Experiences in

    Educational Relationships


    The PEER group assists Rock Ridge students through implementing listening and communication skills.  Other activities center on helping others in the community including elementary and middle school students, as well as students in special education classes.  Our goal is to make everyone feel a part of the Rock Ridge community, that they have someone they can talk to - a "buddy" in school.

    The PEER program provides an additional means for school staff to help students learn responsible leadership and to develop interpersonal and support skills for helping others.  PEER is a support group, which takes advantage of the positive influence young people have on one another. 

    The Rock Ridge PEER program will be under the direct supervision of Mrs. Bria and Mrs. Hackett.  PEER members will go through an intensive training program lasting two weeks prior to mentoring.  The readiness of each individual PEER will be assessed prior to the beginning of helping sessions.  After the initial intensive training period, additional training and supervised group activities will be provided throughout the school year during the PEER class.


    PEERs are selected from the rising junior and senior classes for the next school year.  See our "Application Information" page for more details.


Last Modified on September 7, 2018