• VASO (Virginia Science Olympiad) Competition 2017-18 Results
    Dear Parents

    On Saturday, April 28th, Virginia Science Olympiad Division A Regional tournament was held in Mercer Middle School where approximately 25 schools competed across 21 different events. Our RLC Coyotes participated in many events and performed outstandingly well in many of the events in their first year of participating in VASO competition.

    Here are the RLC winners of the 2017-18 VASO Competition. Please see below the standings of various RLC students across the 21 events they participated.

    VASO 2017-18 Results

    Congratulations to the winners of 2017-18 VASO Division A Regional Competition! 

    RLC PTO Sponsored VASO competition is open to all 3-5 grade students at RLC.


    VASO Coordinator - Sushil Bambardekar, Renita Alexandar, vaso-coordinator@rlcpto.org 

Last Modified on February 12, 2020