• Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT) 

    All third grade students will have the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT2) administered in October 2019 during their regular scheduled SEARCH lesson.  Teachers will place their testing date and time in their weekly newsletter.  After the test is administered, parents of third graders will receive individual scores from the NNAT, along with a brief description of the test.  These are nationally normed tests; children are ranked among other children in their age group and grade level across the nation. 


    2019 Score Information

    To receive a 2019-2020 district referral in Loudoun County, your student must be a third-grader with qualifying scores of a 97% or above on the NNAT or a 97% or above on two of the three CogAT tests (verbal, non-verbal, quantitative). Loudoun County does not use the composite score when considering eligible scores. This letter will be received by US mail around the end of January asking for parent permission to evaluate your child for gifted services. Once this letter has been returned to school, the evaluation process will begin and additiional paperwork will be sent home to be completed. 



    Parent Referral

    If your student did not receive qualfying scores, but you are interested in having him or her evaluated for gifted services, you will need to complete a parent referral before February 7th, 2020. A hard copy of this form must be turned in to the SEARCH teacher at Goshen Post. If your student has qualifying scores from last year (currently a fourth or fifth grader) you will need to complete a parent referral to have him or her re-evaluated again this year. Students may be evaluated once every calendar year. 




    Gifted Evaluation/Eligibility

    All students who are referred (by the district or a parent) will be evaluated in three areas- test scores, teacher observation and student work samples. To be found eligible, students must qualify in two of these three areas. 

    • Test scores- LCPS accepts NNAT and CoGAT scores with a 97% or above on the NNAT or a 97% or above on two of the three CogAT tests (verbal, non-verbal, quantitative). 

    • Teacher observation- classroom teachers will be evaluating the student using observations and characteristics shown in the classroom. 

    • Student work samples- all third grade students will create a student portfolio in SEARCH. This portfolio of work will then be evaluated by a committee to show a need for gifted services. Fourth and fifth graders going through the evaluation process will be pulled out of class to complete their portfolio because they do not have SEARCH class.