• Chromebooks

    The vision of Virtual Loudoun Online is to cultivate quality, flexible, self-paced virtual learning.

  • Chromebooks are intended to meet 80%-90% of instructional needs in LCPS.  In some cases, such as a program like Virtual Loudoun Online, they have limitations in some courses.  A Chromebook does not run traditional software applications like a Windows PC or Mac.  Instead, Chromebooks provide access to software applications that are delivered through the Internet. 

    These cloud-based applications can be accessed and used on a Chromebook just like on a Mac or PC using any modern web browser.  G Suite for Education and Microsoft Office 365 are two cloud-based productivity suites of software applications students can use on their Chromebooks to complete their Virtual Loudoun assignments. 

    Chromebooks will meet most student needs while taking a Virtual Loudoun course.  In the event a course activity isn't accessible from a student Chromebook, students may occasionally still need access to a PC or Mac computer to access some interactive course content.
    Device/Browser Add-ons 

    Chromebooks can run small software programs called Apps or Extensions that can be installed on the device. Students can only install apps and extensions that have been approved by LCPS.  Students can access many other cloud applications and resources through LCPS GO.


    Downloading/Viewing Course Documents and Assignments 

    Chromebooks are able to download and directly display PDF files in the Chrome browser.  For course documents provided for students to edit (.rtf, .doc, .xlsx, and .docx files), students will need to download the file to the Chromebook first, then upload the file to their Google Drive (or Office365 OneDrive) to view and edit.



    Submitting Assignments to Dropboxes in Schoology

    Chromebook users can work in Google Docs or Slides to complete course assignments.  

    Chromebook Tutorials


    Chromebook Updates


    Additional Assistance for student Chromebooks
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