How to logon to LCPS GO and Google Classroom
    LCPS GO - Click on the link on the left to launch LCPS GO and log into Google Classroom and other student files and documents.  Students will need their student ID number (same as lunch number) and password. 
    (Passwords were reset over the summer and students may be using their birthday in the MMDD format.  For example April 15 would be 0415.  If Students changed their password at the beginning of this year, then you would need that password.  Music teachers do not have access to passwords or ability to change/reset them.)
     Google Classroom(This is not a link) Once you have successfuly accessed "LCPS GO", then navigate to Google Classroom (possibly in a Google folder) and click on it.  This time you will need to enter a slightly different username if your child has not signed in before.  The username is [Student ID]@lcps.org and the password is the same as what you used to login to LCPS GO above.  Once you're into Google Classroom, you'll need to add the "Willy Wonka Jr. 2018-2019" class by clicking the "+" sign at the top of the page and typing a classroom code which will be inclided in an email that is sent out. 
Last Modified on September 3, 2018