• RLC PTO Fundraising



    We are excited for this school year (2019-20) and look forward to introducing new ways to raise funds for the school in addition to classic ways.

    New additions to fundraising include PTO Camp Days on floating holidays like Student holidays & National holidays (Columbus day, President’s day etc), when parents typically work however students do not have school in session. Parents can avail half-day and full-day camps, according to their needs at very reasonable prices.

    Another addition to fundraising include Parent Night Outs - that helps parents to attend School events, PTO events (Back To School Nights, Information Session Nights etc), run errands, or go on a date - while their kids are being taken care of by licensed care providers who partner with RLC PTO.

    These fundraising additions will hopefully provide more value-added services to parents as they support RLC PTO organized fundraisers.

    Our classic ways of fundraising include Spirit nights where Coyote families (including parents, kids and RLC staff) can carry their school’s spirit at a PTO approved partner facility that provides entertainment and food.

    Remember, PTO receives a portion of the proceeds from the purchases Coyote families make at all above RLC PTO partner facilitie

    Another classic way of fundraising includes Fundraiser Events such as Coyote Fun Run, Holiday Shop, March Madness etc that our RLC Staff and PTO organize for our Coyote families. Please look forward to supporting our PTO funded projects for our school by participating in these fundraiser events.

    Above all, Cashless Fundraising is one of the easiest ways for our school to earn funds and show your spirit. As in the name - Cashless - when Coyote families and RLC patrons go about their normal shopping routines at various Partner facilities (in physical stores as well as online), these partners donate a portion of the purchases back to our PTO. Click here to learn more about how to support RLC PTO through Cashless Fundraising campaign.

    Lastly, Coyotes can be expressive and true to their nature by purchasing the newly introduced School Spirit Wear with many attractive and cool designs that make Spirit Wear Fridays truly fun. You can purchase School Spirit wear at the PTO run events in the school.

    Feel free to reach me at vp-fundraising@rlcpto.org for any fundraising related questions.

    Srinivasa Dantuluri
    VP Fundraising, RLC PTO Board 2019-20 School Year
    Sindhu Adini
    Co VP Fundraising, RLC PTO Board 2019-20 School Year

Last Modified on February 12, 2020