• Saturday Sessions 2018-2019

    Posted by Kevin Throckmorton on 2/15/2019


    • 2/16: Multiple Choice Mastery


        • Every class you take in high school has multiple choice tests, so if you’re nervous during those types of exams you may have a hard time. But not to fear, your teachers are here to show you the ways to excel in multiple choice.


    • 3/16: Writing Strategies


      • Writing is an essential part of any AP class you take. Meet with your teachers to learn AP essay strategies for all forms of writing whether it’s history courses, free response questions for psychology, or making and supporting arguments within a specified time limit.
    • 4/6 & 4/27: AP Exam Prep
      • As May rolls around, you’re going to want to learn time management skills, how to form study groups, gain online resources, and use the best study practices to ensure your success on your AP exam!
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