• Community Service

    To document volunteer hours please have your child:

     1.  Complete the LCPS Volunteer Form and submit it to their school counselor 

    *Do not forget to include a verified signature
    2. Submit hours electronically through LCPS google acount
    Expunging High School Courses Taken in Middle School
    If your child took a high school credit bearing course in middle school, (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II/Trig, World Language, or Technology of Robotic Design) you have the option to expunge the final grade from their high school transcript. Expunging the grade will completely erase the final grade of the course from the transcript. It will be as if your student never took that course. Failing grades will automatically be expunged. 
    Considerations before expunging:
    We typically encourage students to consider expunging grades if they received a final grade of a B- or lower. This will result in less than a 3.0 GPA when entering into high school. Students should also think about how confident they feel with the material learned throughout the course. If they do not believe they have a solid foundation of the material, it might be beneficial to repeat the course.
    You MUST complete an expungement form to expunge the course prior to entering High School. Once a grade is “expunged” it is removed from the academic record and will not be counted in the GPA or count towards credit for graduation.  The decision to expunge is irreversible. 
    Expungement forms are released by the county late Spring each school year.