• Students of 7th Block AP Economics, you have been given the task of reviewing the power point and filling in the notes yourself.  Make sure you read everything in the power point and follow along with the examples as these will help you with your classwork.  We will review the notes when I am back so don't worry if you are feeling confused and please try your best on the assignments given to you!

    Schedule for today: 

    You will follow along the power point with your notes.

    After you are finished you will go the sub and get the classwork for the day.

    After completion of the classwork, you will turn it in to the sub and ask for the homework.


    Important Announcement:

    Problem set #1 due and review date: 9/12

    Test Date: 9/14


    Power Point: 

    Unit 1.4 Production Possibilities Curve


    Unit 1 Review: 

    Unit 1 Review