Omari Kaiya, "Thee" 6th Grade School Counselor

6th Grade

     Class of 2027, Welcome to the Greatest Middle School in Loudoun County!!


    I am Omari Kaiya, energectically serving as your new School Counselor! Originally from Brooklyn, Ny; I moved down to Virginia to pursue Education after I proudly served the United States Army. While attending the prestigious Norfolk State University; where I earned three degrees, I focused my attention on Education as I strive to fortify the bridge between community and school. I am absolutely in love with my life partner as well as my three beautiful daughters, Savannah, Luna and Nomi as they continue to shower me with love and appreciation; while emptying my pockets. I am an expert trash talker and video gamer, while also finding time to be an adult. 6th grade students with proper permission is welcomed to come into my office at anytime to talk about life, school, or parents still not understanding! (Will Smith reference for the ones in the back)  

    Mr. Kaiya has only eight missions in life, seven non-applicable, but the one that applies is to be an advocate, a servant, a motivator, a driving force to the absolute success of each and every 6th grade student that wishes to excel! Excellence is within each and every one of you! Lets explore it this year!


    Mavericks on 3....1...2....3


Last Modified on February 23, 2021