• German I:  The First Nine Weeks, 2018-19


    Week 1 – Greetings and good-byes, polite phrases, looking for cognates as a strategy for understanding German, the verb for to be called (heißen), formal vs. informal “you”
    Week 2 – The alphabet, singular personal pronouns (I, you, he, she, it), how to form questions, numbers, saying your age, the verb for to be (sein), introduction of public transportation theme
    Week 3 – Geography, definite and indefinite articles (the and a), regular verb for to come from (kommen)
    Week 4 – Public transportation project
    Week 5 – German traditions (Oktoberfest!), vocabulary/grammar review
    Week 6 – Local events, vocabulary/grammar review
    Week 7 – Review, presentations, TEST
    Week 8 – Objects in a classroom, practice with verbs for “to have” and “to need,” definite article (the) in the nominative (der, die, das), negation
    Week 9 – More work with objects in the classroom, negation, review of question words, word order and sequencing
    Week 10 – School subjects, plural pronouns (we, you plural, they, you formal), plural forms of sein, the verb for to like (gern haben), adjectives


    German II: The First Nine Weeks, 2018-19


    Week 1 – Review of German 1, introductions, modal verb können
    Week 2 – Review of German 1, past-time activities, modal verb möchten, practice with verbs, stem-vowel changing verbs for to sleep, to eat, to read (schlafen, essen, lesen)
    Week 3 – Review of German 1, school subjects and schedules, getting to school, review of telling time, adjectives
    Week 4 – Items in a classroom, definite and indefinite articles (a and the), and the verbs for to have and to need
    Week 5 – Review, test
    Week 6 – Food and drink (Oktoberfest!), modal verb möchten, review of stem-vowel changing verbs, possessive pronouns, accusative indefinite articles
    Week 6 – Review of food and drink, accusative case, TEST
    Week 7 – Clothing, fashion vocabulary, verbs to like and to wear (gefallen, tragen), separable prefix verbs for to try on, to have on, etc.
    Week 8 – Traditional German clothing, shopping in Europe: projects
    Week 9 – Projects, presentations, continued grammar work
    Week 10 – Projects, presentations, review, TEST