• Honors English 10 - The course focuses on oral language instruction and emphsizes the participation in and the critique of small group learning activities. The reading and literature component includes a survey of British literature, especially the reading of poetry and drama; nonfiction reading focuses on the understanding and evaluation of consumer information such as labels, warranties, and contracts. Writing instruction pinpoints expository composition and the ability to critique profession and peer writing. Direct vocabulary instruction improves students' reading and writing fluency and prepares them for the SOL, SAT, and ACT tests. Students are taught to collect, organize, and present information in a documented research paper. 



    Big Question - The "Big Question" project was developed by LCPS as a way to justify the GPA bump that is accompanied by an Honors level English class. The project is a year-long endeavor that encourages students to explore an over-arching question in conjunction with a text, and suplementary research they have completed on their own. The project can be either an essay or project which is completed prior to the end of MP4. 


    Nine Weeks Plan

    MP1 - Sir Gawain/Beowulf (What is a hero and how do we define heroes?)

    MP2 - The Tragedy of Macbeth (Tragic hero)

    MP3 - TBD

    MP4 - Nineteen Eighty-Four (Dystopian/Totalitarian power)