•  English 9A - The course focuses on oral language instruction with an emphasis on dramatic reading of literary selections and planned oral presentations. The reading and literature component focuses on a study of fiction and nonfiction genres. Writing instruction develops skills in narrative, expository, and informational writing. Direct vocabulary instruction improves students' reading and writing fluency and prepares them for the SOL, SAT, and ACT tests. Students produce documented research papers, using print, electronic databases, and on-line sources. 

    Texts (Based on availability at school)

    • To Kill a Mocking Bird
    • The Odyssey
    • Romeo and Juliet
    • A Monster Calls
    • Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes
    • Monster
    • Assortment of Short Stories

    Vocabulary - Vocabulary is pulled directly from in-class readings as well as county distributed lists to help prepare students for SOL, SAT, and ACT tests


    Grammar - Weekly grammar practice will be used to reinforce writing practices (handouts and NoRedInk)