w/ Mrs. DiPietro


    Stone Hill Middle School

    2019 – 2020



    Welcome to Math!!! I am SO excited to be your teacher and look forward to a productive and rewarding year.

    The topics covered in this class are aligned with the Virginia Standards of Learning:

    ·        Number and Number Sense

    ·        Computation and Estimation

    ·        Measurement and Geometry

    ·        Probability and Statistics

    ·        Patterns, Functions, and Algebra



    Every Math student is expected to put forth their very best effort during Math class. Our Math curriculum is dense and the skills build upon one another. It is critical that students keep up with lessons, practice assignments, and prepare for all assessments.

    At Stone Hill we are:

    ·        RESPECTFUL of ourselves, others, and personal/public property

    ·        RESPONSIBLE for making good academic and personal decisions

    ·        READY and prepared to learn

    What does this look like in class?

    -      Students should arrive to class on time with the required materials.

    -      Students should follow directions and participate in class appropriately.

    -      Students should use classroom and school provided equipment with care.


    Grading Policy

    Practice Assignments: To acquire and master new Math skills, students must participate in frequent practice activities. Ample time is given during class to complete practice assignments. Students will be required to complete any missing practice assignments during Resource, Working Lunch, in after school Ownership Time (OT), or at home. 


    Formative Assessments: Formative assessments, including warm-ups, check-ups, and other measures of student learning, are administered frequently. Formative assessments are used to inform teacher instruction and to measure a student’s progression toward proficiency with a specific skill. 


    Summative Assessments: Students will complete frequent standards-based Quizzes to measure their current level of proficiency with specific skills.  At the end of each quarter, a cumulative Quarter Test, covering multiple standards, will be administered to measure mastery and retention of a group of skills. 


    Re-take Policy: At Stone Hill, we emphasize the importance of continuous learning and skill mastery.  Students are encouraged to maintain their understanding of previously learned skills over time, and to work to improve their understanding of any skill that they struggle with.

    ·   If a student does not demonstrate proficiency (70%) on a standards-based Quiz, they will be required to retake that assessment.  Required Retakes are teacher initiated and managed. 

    ·   If a student scores between 70% and 79% on an assessment, they have the option to retake that assessment.  Optional Retakes must be initiated by the student and completed within one-week of the original assessment.

    Before a retake is given, the following requirements must be met:

    1.   Student corrects all errors on original assessment. Support provided as needed.

    2.   Teacher verifies corrections and determines the need for additional re-teaching.

    3.   Student completes all practice assignments related to the assessment.

    4.   Retakes are given during Resource or in class on specific days.

    Students may earn up to an 80% on the retake.  Only one retake per assessment is permitted.  The higher of the two attempts on an assessment is recorded.



    An agenda is provided by Stone Hill. Students are required to record all practice assignments and upcoming assessments in their agenda.  It is important that students develop a habit of keeping track of assignments on their own.  Parents are encouraged to check their child’s agenda each day for assignments and assessment dates.



    The following supplies are required for Math class:

    ·        PENCILS

    ·        EARBUDS

    ·        2 inch 3-ring binder (or separate space in an A/B Day binder system)

    ·        loose leaf paper

    ·        grading pen (any color other than black)

    ·        colored pencils, scissors, glue stick

    Please feel free to donate shared supplies such as pencils, tissues, dry erase markers, and bandages for our classroom supply at any time.



    Students are required to maintain an organized Math binder containing all instructional materials and assessments given in a specified order.  An organized binder will help students prepare for Quizzes, Quarter Tests, and their Math SOL. Parents are encouraged to check their child’s binder often for graded work and proper organization.



    We use technology daily in Math class. Students are expected to bring their school-issued Chromebook to class each day. Devices should be protected from damage by a case. We use these devices to access instructional materials, complete practice assignments, and engage in personalized learning activities during our block. Students are not permitted to use Chromebooks or personal devices for any purposes other than those that the teacher permits. Texting, gaming, taking pictures, or posting to social media is prohibited unless otherwise stated by the teacher. Cell phone use is not allowed in our Math class.


    Google Classroom

    All course materials and links to resources will be shared through our Google Classroom.  Students will join our Google Classroom during the first full week of school. Parents are encouraged to explore our Google Classroom with your child frequently.



    We will begin each block with a warm-up or opening activity.  This serves as a review of previously learned material.  A new lesson is then presented and practice assignments are given.  We will also engage in learning opportunities to address skill gaps, promote extension of acquired knowledge, and to connect Math skills to other content areas. 

    We are going to learn SO much and have a ton of fun in the process!


    Contact Information

    Mrs. DiPietro can be reached:

    ·        by Email at Misty.DiPietro@lcps.org

    ·        by Phone at 703-957-4420

    Please allow 48 hours for a response to email and phone contact.


    I am SO excited to work with you this year.   Let’s make it a great one!!




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