• Behavior Expectations

    1. Respect others, yourself, belongings, and your teacher.

    2. Come to class ready to learn! This includes completed homework, all materials, and a mindset ready for learning.

    3. Behave responsiby.

    4. Don't be afraid to make mistakes!


    Grade Breakdown:

    Please note that Homework is not graded, but is crucial for reinforcing difficult mathematical concepts. There will be assignments for almost every class. Student's homework completion will be logged into Phoenix.

    Tests: 40%

    Quizzes/Performance Assessments: 35%

    Classwork: 25%



    Block 1: Math 8

    Block 2: Math 8

    Block 3: Resource

    Block 5: Math 8

    Block 6: Math 8



    What to Bring to Class

    1. 3-ring binder with a section for math work and lined paper

    2. Pencil

    3. Dry erase marker

    4. Homework Folder

    5. Charged Chromebook


    Extra Resources