• Steve Weiss Music

    Steve Weiss Music is a fantastic source of percussion. Started by Weiss himself, they sell percussion instruments, sticks & mallets, sheet music for percussion ensembles, and many more! The people who work at Steve Weiss are percussion players themselves, so they are knowledgable about their products. Shipping times are super quick, and the quality of the products sold on their site are extremely high. I recommend shopping on this site for your student's percussion needs.


    Vic Firth Speed Note Trainer

    If you’ve ever wanted to get faster at reading keyboard music (and who doesn’t?), then the “Speed Note Reading Tutor” is for you! Designed to reinforce note-naming and ‘key finding’ skills, this computer game is a fun way for beginning–intermediate students to get repetitive practice, while trying to ‘beat the clock’ and score as many points as possible.


    Within each level, there are 100 notes to name – starting with simple “lines and spaces only” in Level One, eventually progressing to exercises which incorporate key signature changes and accidentals in Level Ten. Each level of play has 3 possible skill levels. The “Rookie” level allows a virtually unlimited amount of time to finish, “Pro” and “All-Star” levels require quicker responses – increasing the speed that you’re able recognize notes on the staff and find the keys on the keyboard.



    MusicTheory.net houses exercises and lessons in music that reinforce concepts learned as early as a student's first year in music to high school and beyond. Students can engage in exercises that work on note identification, pitch identification, rhythm, and many more.