• Stone Bridge Choir Syllabus/ Handbook


    Instructor:  Daniel Jackson

    Office: Rm. 803

    Email address: Daniel.jackson@lcps.org

    G-Classroom Codes:

    ·       Men’s Chorus(Cantori)-5aljs4

    ·       Bel Canto-oqeyru

    ·       Jazz Choir(Encore)-ayt1yon

    ·       Bella Voce-z8doqv

    ·       Stone Bridge Singers(Mastersingers)-


    Room: 803

    Office Hours: Mon., Thurs.- 8:30-9 a.m.



    The purpose of this course is to provide students with the musical skills, techniques and knowledge for the utilization of their vocal instrument in an ensemble or solo musical setting, within various musical genres.



    Activities during this course will aid the student in the development of the following

    To develop:

    1. an awareness of their individual vocal instrument.
    2. an awareness of essential elements of/fundamental purpose for rehearsals and a framework for creating historically informed performances of choral music.
    3. an awareness of the benefits of a clear, efficient, and expressive conducting technique.
    4. an understanding of musical terms and vocabulary to enhance clarity of expression.
    5. an understanding of basic vocal pedagogy and techniques used to enhance performance.
    6. an understanding of the selfless purpose for participating and sharing music.
    7. to build a self-sustaining, highly motivated community of vocal musicians.
    8. an understanding of how their skills can be utilized within the community.
    9. develop music sight-singing skills.




    Each term will consist of an assortment of classroom assignments and performance assessments. These assignments will help to stimulate development in aural skills, sight-singing, music literacy, vocal technique, and ensemble techniques. Furthermore, there will also be a daily participation assessment. A breakdown of the assignments/assessments is listed below.





    • Vocabulary, terminology
    • Music Notation, rhythms, meter, key signatures
    • Solfeggio syllables

    Vocal Pedagogy-20%

    • Vocal anatomy
    • Solfeggio, and Curwen Hand signs
    • Individual assessments
    • Vocal Production

    Aural Skills(Listening)-10%

    • Rhythmic recognition/Dictation
    • Interval recognition/Dictation
    • Melodic recognition/Dictation
    • Sight-singing/Count-Singing

    Daily Participation-10%

    • Participates fully (or within physical abilities) in activities
    • Brings the necessary materials to every class
    • Rehearsal Tardiness (Different than school policy)
    • Music Preparation (Pertaining to having music selections prepared BEFORE you arrive in class)

    Ensemble Techniques/Performance-20%

    • Ensemble assessments (by voice part or group)


    • In-Class Evaluation performances
    • Concert Performance Evaluations (ensemble based)
    • Dress Rehearsals


    Objectives must be fulfilled for students to perform in concerts and extra-curricular events. These criteria are to assure that students are meeting learning goals for the chorus class while maintaining satisfactory, academic achievement in other courses. These performances only pertain to concerts sponsored by the Stone Bridge Chorus department, and do not pertain to Honor Choirs, All-County, All-District, All-Va., or any other auditioned ensemble sponsored outside organizations.

    Performance Evaluations

    There will be a performance evaluation starting two weeks before every major concert performance. For the Fall, Winter, and Spring concerts this evaluation will serve as an assessment to measure the students’ knowledge and acquisition of the musical material BEFORE each presentation. This evaluation will not affect their grade. It will simply provide them with information that may enhance their performance.  For events like District Chorus Assessment, competitions, professional performance opportunities, tours or any other performance off-campus the evaluation will be the determining factor in a student’s performance participation.

    Grade Requirement

    • Students must have an in-class grade ≥ 60% to participate in any chorus performance.
    • Students must have an unweighted GPA ≥ 2.0 during the marking period to participate in off-campus performances. Progress reports MAY be distributed by Mr. Jackson so that students may collect their grades from teachers prior to the performance.

    Out-of-State Trip: Performance Criteria

    • Students who are not enrolled in an auditioned ensemble, must audition before Trip Confirmation deadline of Sept. 7th.
    • All trip dues and choir fees must be paid by Feb. 15th
    • Students must have all repertoire, designated for their performance ensemble, learned and memorized by March 7th.
    • GPA ≥ 2.0, and an in-class grade ≥ 60%.
    • All Medical forms must be up-to-date with the school nurse.


    • Stone Bridge Singers( Mastersingers!!): Extra-curricular ensemble that meets at on Wednesdays, at 8AM. Audition is required for participation.
    • New York Trip Roster- We are planning a trip to perform in New York City’s Carnegie Hall in March. Due to the amount of music that must be learned to participate, students that are note enrolled in Encore, Mastersingers or Bel Canto must audition by the September 7th to determine eligibility.

    Fundraisers: Fundraisers will be set up by the Booster Association and the department’s student leadership throughout the year. Fundraisers can be used to offset the costs of any dues. More details on specific fundraising activities will be provided at the Parent Meeting on Sept. 10th.


    Sept. 10th, at 7pm, in the Chorus Room.

    Syllabus Acknowledgement (Due Aug. 27th )

    I acknowledge that I have read the syllabus and understand the requirements.

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    Please return this page to Mr. Jackson by Sept. 8th.