Student Attendance

  • Regular attendance and punctuality can promote student success!



    MCCS students are encouraged to have regular attendance and start their day before the bell.  Students benefit from having time to unpack, say "hello" to classmates/friends, and listen to the morning announcements before academic instruction begins each day.  


    How can your student help with punctuality:

    *Select clothes the night before school.

    *Pack your lunch and backpack the night before school.

    *Set your own alarm.

    *No need to skip breakfast if you are running late.  Take breakfast with you!


    How can parents help with punctuality:

    *Reward children!  This can be for getting up on time, getting dressed on time, being cooperative, etc. 

    Rewards might include:

    *Child's choice for breakfast

    *Child's choice of music in the car

    *Dance party at home (5 minutes of dancing before leaving)

    *Or you can make a menu of rewards and each child makes a selection when ready for school!



Last Modified on August 6, 2021