Where can I find the daily agenda and all my assignments?

  • All assignments and assessment dates will be posted in the Google Calendar. Students can access the Calendar from the announcements in Google Classroom or the page they have bookmarked on their Chromebook. Parents can access the Google Calendar from the link below and through Google Classroom.  When students are absent they should refer to the Google Calendar to see what they've missed so that they don't fall behind. If students and parents have questions after accessing the Google Calendar and/or the Google Classroom site please feel free to email me (parents/students) or send a message through the Remind App (students) and I will respond as soon as possible.


     Google Calendar


    Google Classroom   (Parents will receive an invite once school begins)


    All current unit packet blank pages are located in Google Classroom. This should help students if they accidentally forget their packets at school. Each class has a unique code that will be given when Chromebooks are issued.



    Parents and students please check Phoenix (ParentVue/StudentVue) periodically to remain up-to-date as far as grades for summative and formative assessments are concerned.