• 9th Grade Pacing Guide 2019


    Aug. 22- Aug. 23



    Aug. 26-Sept. 9


    Syllabus, Ice breakers, fitness testing and ultimate games

    Sept. 10

    1.           Handout 5 components worksheet; Review with students

    2.           Break up into groups

    •            Each group should give 5 examples of each component

    Homework= Bring in 5 pictures of each area of fitness. 5 total


    Discuss FITT Formula

    Fitness Definitions D

    Sol 9.1, 9.2, and 9.3



    Discuss Activity Diamond

    Demonstrate how to find Max HR Formula

    Continue to complete Workout Plan

    Sol 9.1,9.2, and 9.3

    Sept 23


    Student Assessment on Fitness

    Lifetime Academy (Pedometer Log) A Day

    Sol 9.1, 9.2, and 9.5

    Sept. 24- Oct. 11

    PE net games

    Oct 14- 25

    Introduction to Wellness

    Five Areas of Wellness Definitions

    Lecture on Wellness on Positive and Negative Aspects

    Group Activity=  Identify and record 3 different examples of someone demonstrating positive wellness in each of five categories (15 total)

    Review Findings

    Sol 9.1, 9.2, and 9.4


    Assign and Go over Wellness Log Project

    Start project in class

    Sol 9.1 and 9.2


    Lifetime Academy (Pedometer Log) B Day



    Discussion Food Labels

    Class Activity Reading Food Labels Worksheet


    Nutrition Vocab Quiz


    Oct. 28

    Finish Food Inc

    Movie Follow Up Worksheet

    Introduce Nutrition Project and Record 24 hour food and drink intake

    Sol 9.2

    Oct. 29-Nov. 15

    PE: Basketball

    Nov.18- Dec. 4

    First Aid

    Dec. 5- Dec. 20


    Jan. 6- Jan. 17


    Jan. 22- Feb. 3


    Feb. 4- Feb. 19

    Communicable diseases

    Feb. 19- Mar. 2


    Mar. 4- Mar. 16

    Body System

    Mar.17-April 3

    Lifetime Games

    April 13