Make Up Work for Absences

  • Attendance:

    - When absences occur it is the students responsitilty to check the teachers website or speak with the teacher regarding missed classwork.


    **for medical excuses where physical participation is not possible an alternate assignment will be done. A doctor’s note is required when physical participation is not possible.

    **Students are to dress at all times even with a physicians and parental excuse.



    20 POINTS


     The following assignment is worth 20 points and will makeup a Physical Education class.  


    1. Find an article on one of the following topics: fitness, lifelong activities, sports, weight training, nutrition, flexibility, muscular strength or endurance, aerobic exercise or anaerobic exercise. 
    2. Print or cut out the article
    3. Write a two-page paper.
    4. Put your name, the date you missed class, and the block in the upper right hand corner of the paper.
    5. It must be typed using a 12-point font and be double-spaced.
    6. The paper must include:
    7. An introduction (5 points)
    8. A summary of the article (5 points)
    9. A paragraph explaining your point of view. How is the information beneficial to you? How could you apply it to your life? What did you learn by reading this article? (5 points)
    10. Conclusion (5 points)
    11. Points will be also be deducted for:
    • Papers that are not typed
    • Papers that are missing the correct information in the upper right hand corner
    • Papers less than one page in length 
    1. Print out the paper, place it on top of the article and staple them together.

     Paper must be typed