Check you agenda!

Weekly News

  • Friday, September 13th 


    Important Dates: 


    September 16th: VA geography test 

    September 17th: Place value test 

    September 26th: Camp Flintlock on-site field trip 

    September 28th: Fall Fest 3pm



    Next week in class: 

    VA Studies: 

    Science: Natural resources  

    Reading: Interpreting characters unit (thinking deeply about characters) 

    Language Arts: Personal narratives/Wordly Wise 

    Math: Computation, rounding  




    • Thursday folders need to be returned each Friday. I do not send papers home if I do not have a Thursday folder to put them in.


    • Please remember to call the office with any dismissal changes. I cannot guarantee that I will see changes by the end of the day if they are emailed to me.