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     Welcome to The Introduction to Culinary Arts

    Instuctor: Deborah Kelley

    deborah.kelley@lcps.org #304-433-2354

    Welcome Letter

    Competencies to Intro to Culinary Arts

    Cookbook from 2018

    Culinary Club - you must fill out the following forms (2) in order to participate in the Club Labs. $5 a lab.

    CTE Safety Form

    Safety and Sanitation Form

    1st Quarter Overview

    Safety and Sanitation

    Tools and Equipment

    Reading a Recipe/Equivelencies and Conversions

    Lab Planning/Lab Jobs

    Labs: Gourmet Pancakes, Peach Cobbler, Eggs, Cream Puffs, and Cannoli

    Cultural Project

    Egg and Dairy Cooking Principles

    Binder Evaluations/Organizational Skills

    2nd Quarter Overview

    Food Borne Illnesses

    Knife Safety and Skills

    Labs: Apple Pie, King Cake, Chicken Stir Fried Ride

    Binder Self-Evaluations/Organizational Skills

    3rd Quarter Overview

    Entrepreneurship Commercial

    Vegetable Principles

    Safety and Knife Skills Test

    Green Fettuccini, Meatloaf,  Tilapia, Pork Lab

    Garnishing and Plating Skills

    Preperation for the Iron Chef Competition