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    Name: Michael Albert

    Department: Special Education/Algebra I and II

    Email: michael.albert@lcps.org

    Room: L218, L219, L410

    Planning Block: Block 4


    Teacher Biography: 


    HI! My name is Michael Albert. This will be my ninth year teaching in special education, with my primary focus being in mathematics. Initially, I worked as a social worker before becoming a teacher, and I haven't looked back! I enjoy meeting students where they are, using both their strengths and weaknesses as a guide for my instruction and interaction.


    I enjoy movies, the arts, basketball, football, and BATMAN! I'm not saying I am Batman, I am just saying no one has ever seen me and Batman in the same room...haha. That statement alone is a good snapshot of my personality. I am a firm believer in love and truth; both are extremelly important, but too much of either is destructive. 


    I also facilitate the Esports program at Freedom High School. This will be our second year as a Tier 2 activity! We have seasonal competitions for Super Smash Brothers, FIFA, Overwatch and NBA2K. We also will be having League of Legends as our offical Esports team who, through PlayVS, will be competing against other high school teams! Very exciting. 


    Please email me if you have any thoughts, praises, and concerns as the year progresses. I am thankful for the opportunity to be working here at Freedom High School everyday, and my hope is that we, as a team, will work together, in mutual respect for each others values and goals, for the best possible learning environment for every student. 









    Teacher Information 

    Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Utica College of Syracuse University

    Masters Degree in Special Education from George Mason University\








    Planning (Block 4)

    SC Algebra I (Block 2)

    SC Algebra II (Block 1 and 8)

    Algebra II Academic Support (Block 5 and 7)














    Online Presence







    Current Grades 

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    Contact Information
    Freedom High School | 25450 Riding Center Drive | South Riding, VA
    P: (703)957-4300 | F:(703)542-2086