• Earth Science

    Mrs. Baker



    Classroom procedures


    1. Students should come to class prepared to begin work immediately. Books are provided for you to use in the classroom.

    2. Test will be taken on the day scheduled, unless of course, a snow day is involved.

    3. You are here to learn. This cannot be accomplished unless you are listening to the lesson or instructions.  You cannot talk, comb your hair, apply makeup, or pick at the person next to you and listen: these behaviors are not appropriate to the classroom.

    4. You will receive a Tardy if you are not in the room when the bell stops ringing. Tardiness to class is a disruption and lowers your performance as a student.

    5. Abusive language, either oral or written is not acceptable. (THIS INCLUDES ALL REFERENCES TO ANY DRUGS OR DRUG USAGE)

    6. Each student will do his or her own work only unless otherwise directed. Sharing work will result in a zero for both  Because I can read your minds, the appearance of cheating is cheating for the purpose of any testing situation.  Any student who “glances” in the direction of another student’s paper during a testing situation will be given a zero for that test without the opportunity of any make-up.

    7. Vandalism will be severely punished. This included throwing trash in the sinks, writing on the tables (including marking with an eraser), breaking equipment, sticking gum under tables, or in general doing anything that destroys someone else’s property including the teacher’s and the school’s.

    8. Eating and drinking in the classroom is not allowed (this includes candy or gum). There are two exceptions to the rule.  You may have water in plastic bottles.  I may also bring in food.

    9. Do not Accept responsibility for your actions





                  Although it is not possible to totally avoid any inconvenience for the student who has missed a class, a clear understanding of what is expected upon return to class should help students and parents plan for the student’s return to class.  Students should consider sharing their Agendas with their parents when doctor and dentist appointments are being made.


    1. An arrangement for make-up tests due to absences, like all make up work, is the responsibility of the student. The teacher will give one and only one reminder about make up work. If you miss the day of the test you should plan to take the test the day you return to school.  If you miss the day before a test you will be expected to take the test with the rest of the class.  For longer absences SEE ME, TALK TO ME PRIVATELY – NOT WHILE I AM TEACHING CLASS!!! If the student does not take the test within 4 days of his/her returning to school a zero will be recorded.

    2. Labwork must be made up or a zero grade will be assigned. Because many labs require equipment, preparation and specialized supervision; missed labwork must be made up when the student returns to school.  The day the student returns he/she must see me before school or class to arrange a time to come in and make up lab work. If a student does not make up a lab within 4 days after the first day of his/her return to school a zero will be recorded.

    3. Obtaining make up work is your responsibility.

    4.     If you come late to school or leave early for any reason: You must obtain any assignments/work done in class and be prepared for the next class.  Basically, if you are in the building at any time during the day, you are responsible for the work we do in that day’s class and turning in any work due, even if you miss the class.  Failure to turn in work will result in no credit being given for that assignment.


    Grading System


    1. Grade is done on a straight point system. To figure your percentage for each assignment divide the points you received by the point possible, then multiple by 100.



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