1. J.L. Simpson Middle School Band


    Friday, September 8, 2017 


    Football Game with LCHS Marching Raiders 


    Loudoun County High School 

                            415 Dry Mill Road SW 

    Leesburg, VA 20175 


    **Wear JLSMS or LCHS shirt/sweatshirt, jeans, and sneakers. 



    4:00 pm  Report to JLSMS band room with backpacks  


    4:45 pm Load buses. Make sure you have your instrument 

    and anything you need to take home for the weekend. 


    5:00 pm   Arrive LCHS practice field. Watch rehearsal. 


    5:30 pm  Pizza with LCHS Raiders, in cafeteria pr outside.  


    6:00 pm Rehearse National Anthem and LCHS Fight Song on stage with Raider Band 


    6:30 pm March to stadium with Raider Band 


    6:55 pm Perform National Anthem with Raider Band 


    7:00 pm Watch the first half of the football game and half-time show.Play the fight song with Raider Band when team scores. 

    Cheer enthusiastically for the Raider Band half-time performance. 


    After the half-time show is concluded, the JLSMS band will return to the LCHS band room, where students can either: 


    1. Gather their belongings and be picked-up by parents to go home     or 

          2. Put their instrument away in the LCHS band room, return to the stadium to meet parents to watch conclusion of the game, then return to the LCHS band room to collect

              belongings, after the game, to go home with parents. 


    We will not return to JLSMS. Parents are responsible for picking students up either after half-time, or supervising them at the game during the second half. 


Last Modified on August 29, 2017