• Eagle Ridge Science Department 




    In an effort to help every student be successful and attain his/her potential, we have developed the following plan which provides opportunities for further instruction, targeted reassessment, and achievement of learning targets:


    SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENTS: tests, quizzes, projects, labs, etc. will make up 100% of the Science Quarterly Grade. 

    FORMATIVE ASSESSMENTS: will receive a weighted grade of 0%, and will provide relevant practice for the curriculum.  Formative assessments must be completed to complete the summative.


    All students who would like to retake an assessment are required to submit a Summative Re-take Application, signed by a parent.  These students will receive the opportunity for re-teaching and will re-take the assessment, within the re-take window. Students will be given an alternate version of the test and the student will receive the highest grade earned as a replacement for the original score. 


    In addition to working directly with the teacher or peer tutor, a student may also be required to complete work outside of school until he/she is able to demonstrate an understanding of the targeted standard(s).


    Students will be re-assessed at the date given to them in order to show retention of taught material.


    Retakes can only get a maximum score of 80%.