• Academic Grading policies

    Academic Grading policies

    Government Class Guidelines
    Course Description:
    This course examines the structures of government and the economy in the United States. The balance and separation of power within U.S. government and the powers inherent to each branch and level of democratic values, and responsible participation in the community are stressed throughout the course. The United States’ political and economic roles in the global community are also analyzed. Basic principles inherent in the Constitution of the United States, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of Virginia, the Virginia Declaration of Rights, and the Virginia Statue of Religious Freedom are examined and related to everyday life.
    Main Topics:
    • What is Government?
    • Foundations of the American political system and the US Constitution
    • The US Constitution
    • Federalism
    • Citizenship and Civil Liberties: Roles, Rights, and Responsibilities
    • The Election Process
    • Influencing Government
    • Organization of Powers of the National Government
    • State and Local Government
    • Comparative Governments and Economics
    • Practical Citizenship
    • Legislative Branch
    • Executive Branch
    • Judicial Branch
    Class Rules:
    • Respect: yourself, others, and the school ( opinions included)
    • Come to class prepared and ready to learn
    • Do not be TARDY ( school policy will be followed)
    • Do not disrupt the class
    • No cell phones in the classroom ( per teacher discretion)

    Class Procedures:
    • Students are expected to be in their seats when the bell rings and begin any warm-up activity.
    • Students must raise their hand when asking a question and making contributions to the class.
    • Late work will ONLY be accepted ONE day late and for only half credit.
    • All work should be the student’s own. Downloaded or copied work will result in a 0. The Briar Woods Honor Code will be followed and the administration will be notified of any cheating .
    • Absences: Students are responsible to make up work when absent. Assignments are on the CMS w

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