• English 9

    Course Description

    Block 4, Room L505

    Mrs. Calderwood

    The English 9 Curriculum


    At Dominion, we focus on five primary “strands” (or skills) in our English classes. These are: writing, literature, oral language, research, and vocabulary. In the chart below, you can find the skills we practice freshman year within each strand.





    Focus on single and multi-paragraph writings of various types including narrative, literary, expository, and technical writings; focus on supporting details, purpose, specific vocabulary, and sentence structure; review of grammar, usage, and mechanics; editing for correct mechanics and usage


    Reading in a variety of genres and print materials; analysis of literary selections; application of literary terms

    Oral Language

    Dramatic readings; critique of oral presentations; formal and informal oral presentations with focus on speech design, vocabulary, audience, purpose, and communication skills


    Focus on research process; note-taking, citing sources, and paraphrasing; use of traditional and technology-based sources; practice Internet safety; creation of a variety of individual and group products


    Development of vocabulary through reading and writing activities




    To practice these skills, we will read a variety of texts throughout the year. These texts include: The Giver, Romeo and Juliet, and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, as well as various short stories and nonfiction pieces. (This list is subject to some variation.)


    We always annotate when we read. Therefore, for certain texts, you may prefer to buy your own copy. We can also provide you a school copy. In that case, you would annotate using sticky notes.


    We will also use a textbook in class. Dominion provides these textbooks, and we will keep them in my classroom for you. You will check out the textbooks when you need to take them home with you.




    Our online grading system is called Phoenix. Both you and your family will have access to this gradebook to view your grades. Each summative assignment you complete is graded out of a certain number of points. On Phoenix, you will be able to see how many total points each assignment was worth and how many points you earned.


    Here is a quick key to the various “letter codes” you might see on Clarity:


    T = You have turned in this assignment, but I have not graded it yet.

    X= You do not have to complete this assignment (typically used only in the case of prolonged absences).

    Z= You have not yet turned in this assignment and should do so as soon as possible.


    It is critical that you turn in your assignments on time! Each major assignment will include a “responsibility” component that reflects the timeliness of your submission. You will immediately lose points in this category as soon as your work is late. This will have a significant impact on your final grade for each assignment and for the quarter.


    Materials for Class


    Students must have required materials by the beginning of the second week of class.

    • One 3-ring binder with dividers and loose-leaf paper
    • Composition Notebook
    • Writing Utensils; Highlighter
    • 1 pack of post-its or index cards
    • A box of tissues for the classroom if possible


    Google Classroom Codes:       Block 4: v3ai8