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Practice Sight Words

Click here for a list of sight words to practice!

Here are some ideas to help you practice writing sight words at home:

-Fancy Shmancy-- write your words in fancy letters!
-Rainbow Write- write each letter of your word in different colors! 
-Pyramid Writing -- we do this in school! Start at the tip of the pyramid with one letter. Then on the next line, write 2 letters. Keep going until you finish the word!  
              Ex.        f
                         f u n
                        f u n n
                        f u n n y
-Write your words in shaving cream--spread some shaving cream around and then write your words in the mess! 
-Write your words on the sidewalk with chalk
-Paint your words with water on the sidewalk
-Magic Words-Write your words with a white crayon and color over it with marker
-Hidden Picture-Hide your words in a picture
-Pattern Write-Write your words with 2 different colors in a pattern
Print off a page from this fun packet, and follow the directions: