• dismissal


    It is important that we know how to help your child get home safely. Please partner with us in making this process as smooth and safe as possible. Below are the procedures for informing the school of dismissal routines. LCPS requires photo identification of anyone picking up a child from school. Students will only be released to persons listed as an emergency contact listed on ParentVUE for that student.

    DISMISSAL- PERMANENT Dismissal Plan:

    Please login to ParentVUE and go to the Student Info Tab to enter your student’s dismissal plan for the year. Please do so at the beginning of the year and keep it updated with permanent changes throughout the year. For example, they will attend a new daycare for the rest of the year or begin to be a bus rider. This should not be changed frequently.

    DISMISSAL- TEMPORARY Change to dismissal:

    Please use this FORM to make a change to your student's normal dismissal method for TODAY. For example, they are going home with a friend for a playdate or need to be picked up in the car line for an appointment. All changes must be received by 2:10, as the form is not monitored after 2:10.


    If your child needs to leave school early, please request it in writing by filling out the online FORM on our website or by sending a note with your child in the morning. For example, you have an appointment and need to pick them up early. Please make all requests for early dismissal by 2:10. This form is not monitored after 2:00. We ask for your help with ensuring student safety by picking up before 2:10. Please do not use the absentee email address for early dismissals. The absentee email address is only to report an absence and is not monitored for dismissal changes.

    DISMISSAL-CAR PICK UP (Yellow number - provided)

    MTES will provide every student with a car rider number. Place the number on the passenger side of your car in one of the following locations: attached to the sun visor, on the passenger side window, or on the windshield. Your student’s number will be called inside the school and they will meet you at your car. If you do not have your number you will be asked to come into the school to receive another.


    Walkers in grades 1-5 will be dismissed out of the walker door located at the back of the school. All students dismissed through the walker door should leave school property on foot via the sidewalks. Kindergarteners are dismissed out of the kindergarten playground exit. Kindergarten students must be picked up by an adult or older sibling.